A hackathon igniting the Christian purpose of technologists to innovate culture shaping technologies.

Let’s join together to showcase the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Chicagoland's Christian developers, designers, and technologists. More importantly, let's create technologies addressing significant issues impacting society in general, the local Chicago community, families, and the spiritual life of Christians.​

The 2017 Chicago Code for the Kingdom hackathon builds on the success of the previous 44 Code for Kingdom hackathons that have been hosted in 32 cities and 12 countries. Those hackathons have already gathered over 4000 technologists who have created hundreds of projects with a kingdom impact. Now, it's time to help release the talent and passion of Chicagoland. This Chicago event will leverage the skills and insights of our entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists to make a lasting cultural impact.​

Come, participate and address a number of challenges aimed at helping release the oppressed, teach God’s Word, heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and support the church.  Join us and let’s together create technology that matters.

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Anyone regardless of faith or religous background is welcome to participate! Team size will not be mandated so any size team is welcome. 


All projects must be submitted to Devpost before final judging. 


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Judging Criteria

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